Pneumonia: a New Spellbinding Musical (2019)

"A Good Kid" - Pneumonia: a New Spellbinding Musical

Music & Lyrics by Fouad Dakwar

Book by Steve Borowka

When Mackenzie, a disobedient yet misunderstood high school senior, misspells “pneumonia” on a spelling test and falls ill with pneumonia the next day, she begins to uncover a sinister spelling-centered secret surrounding the school. When one misspells a word with dangerous connotations, said speller will be afflicted by the word in question. After convincing several other students of the curse’s existence, the announcement of a schoolwide spelling bee prompts them to undertake reversing the curse. The farcical plot is accompanied by a fast paced-contemporary rock score and a hilariously dark-comedic tone. An Actors Equity reading of the piece took place in May of 2018 before its premiere at Acting Manitou in August of 2019.

Radium Girls: In Concert (2019)

Radium Girls: In Concert Highlight Video

An original rock opera based on the true story of the Radium Girls written and directed by Fouad Dakwar.  

Performed February 15th and 16th at Swarthmore College's Olde Club.

"Bringing the 1920s to 2019: 'Radium Girls: In Concert' Glows with Intersectional Messages"


“'Radium Girls: In Concert' Shines at Olde Club"


"Radium Girls: In Concert" Full Script




Alike in Dignity: a New Electronic Musical (2018)

"What Do You Say?" - Alike in Dignity: a New Electronic Musical

Music, Book, and Lyrics by Fouad Dakwar

Featuring Additional Music & Lyrics by Nadey Dakwar

Featuring a modern electronic score, Alike in Dignity retells Shakespeare's classic tale of Romeo and Juliet and their warring families with a contemporary political twist. Every three decades, the eldest child of the current generation of Montagues and Capulets are pitted against one another in a vicious election process to assume power over the fair and supposedly "democratic" Verona.  But what if those two candidates were to fall in love?...

Disillusioned (2017)

"Glide/You Had to Be There" - Disillusioned

Performed by Cordelia Foster and Fouad Dakwar 

Music and Lyrics by Fouad Dakwar

First performed as part of Friends Seminary's annual One Act Festival in 2017, Disillusioned investigates Bess and Harry Houdini's disparate experiences with fame. 


"Nothing Happens in Hoisington" -Promnado

Music & Lyrics by Fouad Dakwar

Book by Justin Myhre

Directed by Tim Matson

Music Directed by Kiersten Noel

Premiering at Acting Manitou in 2017,  Promnado is based on a true story from the town of Hoisington, Kansas. In 2001, the town withstood a devastating tornado on prom night, high school's biggest night of the year. The plot follows a group of high school seniors attempting to both physically and socially reconstruct their home in the aftermath of this tragedy by planning a second prom as a fundraiser.  

Sic Semper Tyrannis (2017)

Music & Lyrics by Fouad Dakwar

The first place finisher of both the New York City and State National History Day competition, Sic Semper Tyrannis investigates John Wilkes Booth's justifications for assassinating Abraham Lincoln in the form of a mini electro-pop opera.