For You: A Whistleblower Story (2020)


Released March, 2020

(Available on Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud & YouTube)

Primarily written and recorded over the span of a 24-hour live-streamed session, FOR YOU is an electro-pop/punk concept album following the journey of a whistleblower. This album is dedicated to heroes like Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden who put their personal livelihoods at risk in order to expose some of the most vile injustices and covert systems of governmental oppression to the masses.

1. RUN ft. Mamoon

2. Something's Wrong!

3. Falling In ft. Nadey Dakwar

4. Unrelentless ft. JJ Balisan

5. Exalted (FOR YOU)

Monarchs in Riverbeds (2019)


Released May, 2019

(Available on Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud & YouTube)

Written and recorded over the course of a year, this debut LP is an experimental alternative rock album about love and revolution.

1. I Love It Here

2. Marie Antoinette

3. Silver Sailing

4. Starry-Eyed

5. Pisces

6. Juliano's Dream

7. Croquet by the Dead Sea

8. Ophelia

9. Monarchs in Riverbeds

Seclusion (2019)


Released January 2nd, 2019
(Available on Spotify, SoundCloud & YouTube

Written and recorded during a 12-hour live-streamed session, Seclusion investigates different manifestations of the title concept. 

1. Stuck Indoors

2. Nabi Saleh

3. My Next Withdrawal

When Facing Underdeveloped Tempests (2018)


Released October 21, 2018

 (Available on Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud & YouTube)

1. Thundershowers Over Macondo

2. Whispering Shouts (The Stars Are in Your Eyes)

3. Tidal Wave